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Planet Peek-A-Boo Live Show is a musically based interactive, live action animation/ learning/ entertainment show for young children ages two and up.

Join host, "Sparkalee", The Boogie Woogie Wizard and Peek-A-Boo Lillaquin in their studio along with The Peek-A-Boo Crew "peeking" in from the "Peek-A-View". Through interactive songs, activity and animated segments we "Peek Into Learning".

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Season 2 Episode 4 

Season 2 Episode 3 

Season 2 Episode 2 

Season 2 Episode 1 

Archived Shows

#9  (S1E9)  MAY 11th 2020

#10 (S1E10)  MAY 17th 2020

#8 (S1E8)  MAY 6th 2020

#7 (S1E8)  MAY 2ND 2020

#6 (S1E6)  APRIL 28TH 2020

#5 (S1E5)  APRIL 24TH 2020

#4 (S1E4)  APRIL 20TH 2020

#2 (S1E2)  APRIL 15TH 2020

#3 (S1E3)  APRIL 17TH 2020

#1 (S1E1) APRIL 13TH 2020

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